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Guest Teaching

Jennifer has helped many of my students both one-on-one and as a group instructor.  She has tremendous knowledge of the human body as it relates to the particular demands and risks associated with serious dance training, particularly for young growing dancers.  She is also personable and relatable to the students, which creates a constructive, positive relationship with them.

Lisa Slagle, director, Ballet Academy of Texas

Jennifer has been a valuable part of the Hathaway Academy of Ballet faculty. Her incredible understanding of the body and ballet technique has been a great resource for our students. Having this knowledge is very important in today's world of dance.

Kirt Hathway, director, Hathaway Academy of Ballet

Jennifer Milner is someone I trust to work with my students, regardless of their level of training. Ms Milner's careful guidance of my students has produced excellent results, many of them realizing dreams of dancing professionally. I enjoy peace of mind knowing my students are in good hands under Ms Milner's guidance.

   Kathy Chamberlain, Chamberlain School of Ballet, Owner

Customize a workshop for your summer intensive, health and wellness staff, or company. Workshops are written around client's needs: past workshops include studies on Hypermobility; Safe Stretching; Proper Turnout Technique; Foot and Ankle Strengthening; and more. Stretch classes or recovery classes (ideal for a company after a long run, a show on a hard floor, etc.) available for companies as well.

Current Public Workshops

Looking to invest in your own teaching practice?Check out these current public offerings!

Pilates for the Hypermobile Population
Pilates for the Hypermobile Population
May 05, 2024, 12:00 PM CDT
Virtual workshop
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