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Teaching Experience

Westside Dance Physical Therapy                                           2002-2005

Trained private clients with some connection to physical therapy; most were pre- or post-surgery, using Pilates as an additional rehab tool.  Also worked extensively with top-level ballet dancers and world-class athletes looking to cross-train for their sport: trained dancers from New York City Ballet, ABT, Kirov Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Royal Ballet, and more.  Also trained two medal-winning Olympic athletes, as well as professional baseball players, tennis players, triathletes, golf players and more.  Mentored under Marika Molnar.

The Kane School of Core Integration                                      2002-2008

Worked extensively with long-term clients, training one-on-one once, twice, or three times a week as desired.  Specialized in “special populations” such as osteopoerotics, hip replacements, or complex movement patterns while also earning a reputation for aggressively difficult workouts.  Developed an extremely loyal client base.

Pilates for Life                                                                              2008-2016

Working one-on-one with long-term clients.  Specializing in professional and pre-professional dancers and athletes, creating long-term goals and programs for strengthening dysfunctionally within the chosen profession. Successfully training clients through a variety of complex issues and injuries such as vertebral stress fractures, Achilles tendinopathies, talar stress fracture, extreme hypermobility, shoulder reconstruction, Osgood Schlatter, and diagnoses such as EDS and Lupus.

Group class guest teaching                                                     2008-current

Tailoring group classes for individual dance studios as a part of summer intensives or special sessions throughout the year. Original classes include dysfunctional strength training, injury prevention, performance enhancement, stretching, and recovery classes. Clients include Texas Ballet Theatre, Ballet Academy of Texas, Hathaway Academy of Ballet, Chamberlain Performing Arts, and International Conservatory for Performing Arts.

Guest lecturing and workshops                                            2008-current

Writing and delivering customized workshops for ballet studio summer intensives or special company lectures. Workshops are written around studio needs; past workshops include studies on Hypermobility; Safe Stretching; Proper Turnout Technique; Foot and Ankle Strengthening; and more. Presented "Training the Hypermobile Dancer" at the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science world conference in 2019 and "Post-Performance Recovery Class" seminar at the IADMS world conference in 2017. Clients include American Ballet Theatre school, Ballet Academy of Texas, Louisiana Delta Ballet, Hathaway Academy of Ballet, Dance Industry, and Chamberlain Performing Arts.

Private client list                                                                       2005-current

Training clients  on her Pilates equipment, at home or remotely online, using small equipment such as bands, turnout discs, and balls.  Also training dancers one-on-one in a dance studio to address specific weaknesses and biomechanical issues through a combination of ballet and Pilates, addressing issues such as turnout, arabesque height, hypermobility, pirouette imbalance, dancing with scoliosis, and more.



Teacher Training Experience

The Kane School of Core Integration                                      2002-2008

Taught for the Kane School’s teacher certification program, specializing in “Biomechanics” and “Special Populations”.  Duties included teaching a large group of students from a written curriculum, having a thorough knowledge of the information being taught, and being able to impart the information in an easy-to-understand, memorable way, as well as being available for follow-up questions.

Staffed supervising teacher training hours, when students practiced teaching techniques on volunteers.  Duties included observing students, making notes on their progress, writing mini-workshops to “brush up” on a topic as needed, stepping into a session when a safety risk or incorrect technique was observed.

Participated in the teacher training mentoring program.  Duties included being observed by teacher trainers for several private sessions; being available via phone, email, and in person for follow-up and clarifying conversations; observing student in question and giving feedback over a long period of time.

Conceived, wrote, and administered the following series of teacher training tutorials:

Foot and Ankle, Knee, Pelvis and Sacrum, Spine I and II, Shoulder

Conceived, created, and taught a Pilates for Dancers group class designed to cross-train professional dancers in a Pilates setting.  Utilized Feldenkrais roller, physioballs, small balls, and bands.



Class/Workshop Development                                                2008-current

Over the course of my professional Pilates career I’ve developed a number of continuing education classes for Pilates teachers.  I’ve conceived, researched, written, advertised, and administrated the following courses:

Pilates and Dancers:  Building and Maintaining a Healthy Instrument

Guided Stretching for Pilates

The Bum Rap:  Targeting Glutes in A Pilates-Based Workout

Working With Rotational Discs

Special Populations for Mat Teachers

Beyond Basics:  Ass-Kicking Exercises on the Reformer

Beyond Basics:  Ass-Kicking Exercises on the Cadillac

Sweating the Small Stuff:  Beyond Basics on the Chair and Barrel


Workshops conceived, researched, written, and administered for pre-professionals include:

Post-Performance Recovery Class

Injury Prevention

Designing A Personal Maintenance Plan for Summer Intensives

Hypermobility in Dancers

Working with Hyperextension

Foot and Ankle Care

Proper Turnout Technique

Safe Stretching


Pilates Training and Continuing Education

Mat Certification                                                  Kane School of Core Integration, 2002

Advanced Equipment Certification                   Kane School of Core Integration, 2002

Dance Medicine Certification                             Marika Molnar and Westside Dance PT, 2016

Teacher Training Program level 1                      Lisa Howell, 2019

Smart Spine Certification                                    Marie-Jose Blom, 2014

Parasetter workshop (online)                             Marika Molnar & Physical/Mind Institute, 2016

Progressing Ballet Technique Certification       Marie Walton-Mahon, Progressing Ballet Technique, 2017

Polestar Pilates Rotational Sports workshop   Brent Anderson, 2010

Pre-Natal Certification                                         Debbi Goodman, 2003

Post-Partum Certification                                    Debbi Goodman, 2004

Gait Analysis                                                          Debbi Goodman, 2004

Physioball Certification                                        Lesley Powell, 2004

Pelvic Imagery Workshop                                    Erik Franklin, 2003

Pointe shoe fitter certification                            The Perfect Pointe, 2016

Participant in ongoing monthly UT Southwestern-based sports medicine journal review

Jennifer is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

Equipment Experience

Certified on the following:

All Pilates equipment, including the reformer, Cadillac, high barrel, arc, chair, and more


Foam roller

Smart Spine tools


Trained on the following:

Parasetter and Mini Parasetters

Franklin Balls


Functional Footprints

Turnout discs

Yamuna balls

Personal Training and Background

Professional ballet and musical theatre dancer for 15 years, performing nation-wide.  Studied Pilates privately since 1997, taking all across the country from a variety of teachers and styles.  Also studied gyrotonics and yoga.  Certified dance medicine specialist with Westside Dance Physical Therapy. Completed several Lisa Howell certification courses, and certified in Progressing Ballet Technique. Took non-certification classes in Franklin Balls, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique.  Completed college Anatomy and Physiology.  PMA-certified pilates trainer. Member of Doctors for Dancers. Founding member of DanseMedica. Member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, 2003-current.

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