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Jennifer Milner is a certified Pilates trainer specializing in dancers and post-injury recoveries.  As a classical ballet dancer, Jennifer danced with several companies across the country, then moved to New York for musical theatre.  After a knee injury ended a successful performing career, Jennifer became determined to use her experiences to help other dancers and performers. She became certified in the Pilates method of exercise, graduating from the Kane School of Core Integration under the renowned Kelly Kane and immersed herself in the world of dance rehabilitation as the on-site Pilates trainer for Westside Dance Physical Therapy (the official physical therapists for New York City Ballet and SAB), quickly developing a reputation as a knowledgeable, thoughtful, and compassionate trainer.

Jennifer has trained a wide variety of clients, from young dancers and gymnasts to Olympic medalists, Oscar winners, and world-famous dancers from New York City Ballet, the Kirov Ballet, ABT, San Francisco Ballet, Royal Ballet, and more.  Jennifer mentored under the dance medicine pioneer Marika Molnar and earned a Certificate in Dance Rehabilitation Training through Ms. Molnar. Jennifer is certified in Mari-Jose Blom’s Smart Spine techniques, has studied with Erik Franklin,  and is well-versed in anatomy and physiology and a number of adjunct rehabilitation and training methods.


Since moving to Dallas, Jennifer has continued to work with pre- and professional dancers from the area and often has clients fly in from all over the country for sessions. Jennifer's experiences and training give her a unique insight and perspective on getting and maintaining a strong, healthy body at peak performance level.  Jennifer is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science.  Read More


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"Jennifer has been one of the most important people on my journey. She has helped me set goals, tackle weaknesses, and gain the strength needed to build proper technique. More importantly, she has served as one of my most trusted mentors. Her sound advice comes from a place of experience, love, and in the best interest of the dancer.  I have learned how to use and trust my voice and make well-informed decisions about my next steps with her guidance and support.  She has helped not only to shape and strengthen my body, but my mind too.  I am incredibly lucky to have Jennifer as my pilates instructor, dance whisperer, mentor, and now my friend."


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Jennifer is a valuable resource for both dancers looking to recover from an injury as well as performers striving to fine-tune their instrument and move to the next level.

Marika Molnar, dance medicine pioneer and founder of Westside Dance Physical Therapy

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