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Jennifer Milner is a certified Pilates trainer specializing in dancers and post-injury recoveries.  As a classical ballet dancer, Jennifer danced with several companies across the country, then moved to New York for musical theatre.  After a knee injury ended a successful performing career, Jennifer became determined to use her experiences to help other dancers and performers. She became certified in the Pilates method of exercise, graduating from the Kane School of Core Integration under the renowned Kelly Kane and immersed herself in the world of dance rehabilitation as the on-site Pilates trainer for Westside Dance Physical Therapy (the official physical therapists for New York City Ballet and SAB), quickly developing a reputation as a knowledgeable, thoughtful, and compassionate trainer.

Jennifer has trained a wide variety of clients, from young dancers and gymnasts to Olympic medalists, Oscar winners, and world-famous dancers from New York City Ballet, the Kirov Ballet, ABT, San Francisco Ballet, Royal Ballet, and more.  Jennifer mentored under the dance medicine pioneer Marika Molnar and earned a Certificate in Dance Rehabilitation Training through Ms. Molnar. Jennifer is certified in Mari-Jose Blom’s Smart Spine techniques, has studied with Erik Franklin,  and is well-versed in anatomy and physiology, a number of adjunct rehabilitation and training methods, and health and nutrition.


Since moving to Dallas, Jennifer has continued to work with pre- and professional dancers from all over the metroplex and often has clients fly in from all over the country for sessions. Jennifer's experiences and training give her a unique insight and perspective on getting and maintaining a strong, healthy body at peak performance level.  Jennifer is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science.  Read More


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Bendy Bodies: Stabilizing the Hypermobile Body through Circus Arts with Emily Scherb, PT, DPT

Nowhere is flexibility and hypermobility more valued and explored than in the circus arts! But while circus artists are highly skilled and extremely strong, working in extreme end ranges of motion comes with its own set of issues and potential injuries. 


In this podcast, we chat with Dr. Emily Scherb, a DPT who specializes in circus and performing arts.


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Bendy Bodies: Investigating Autoimmune Disorders with Jill Schofield, MD

As the founder and director of the Center for Multisystem Disease, Dr. Jill Schofield is in a unique position to discuss various autoimmune disorders and co-morbidities that often exist. Dysregulation of the immune system, an autoimmune disease, is genetically inherited and will often have multiple triggers. READ MORE

Bendy Bodies: Understanding Hypermobility Disorders

I turn the tables on host Linda Bluestein MD, who shares her expertise in this episode, opening up on how she turned the challenge of her own hypermobility disorder into a blessing for others as she made working with hypermobility disorders into her life’s work. READ MORE

Bendy Bodies: Cultivating Psychological Skills with Bonnie Robson, MD

Living with stress and anxiety has become the rule rather than the exception in today’s world. Dr. Bonnie Robson talks through the risks inherent in social and physical isolation and how to develop strategies that can support and encourage long-term mental and physical health.  READ MORE

Bendy Bodies: Educating the Dance Community with Lisa Howell

Dancing with a hypermobile body brings its own set of challenges, from a general lack of stability to a slower recovery time. Listen in as physiotherapist Lisa Howell talks about what she wants every dance teacher to know about hypermobile dancers. READ MORE

Bendy Bodies: Optimizing Nutrition to Support a Dancer's Health with Kristin Koskinen RDN

Registered dietitian nutritionist Kristin Koskinen discusses nutritional needs for dancers and how to shape lifelong healthy eating habits. READ MORE

Bendy Bodies: Supporting a Dancer's Mental Health with Terry Hyde MA MBACP

Terry Hyde, former dancer with the Royal Ballet and psychotherapist with patients all over the world, joins Linda and Jennifer to explore this often-neglected aspect of dancer health, and discusses how hypermobility can bring unique mental health problems of its own. READ MORE

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Jennifer is a valuable resource for both dancers looking to recover from an injury as well as performers striving to fine-tune their instrument and move to the next level.

Marika Molnar, dance medicine pioneer and founder of Westside Dance Physical Therapy

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