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Pilates Sessions

Work one-on-one, short- or long-term.  Specializing in professional and pre-professional dancers and athletes, creating long-term goals and programs for strengthening dysfunctionally within the chosen profession. Train successfully through a variety of complex issues and injuries such as vertebral stress fractures, Achilles tendinopathies, talar stress fracture, extreme hypermobility, shoulder reconstruction, Osgood Schlatter disease, and diagnoses such as EDS and Lupus, using a full array of traditional Pilates equipment.

Jennifer has been instrumental in my daughter's development as a dancer. Her array of experience and knowledge is unparalleled, and she applies it to every student with whom she works. Her multi-faceted approach to training brings significant results. Jennifer's experience, knowledge, and intuition come together seamlessly; we call her the Ballet Whisperer!

Anne Leslie

Jennifer has been a life-saver for my pre-professional ballet dancer. After an injury had prohibited full participation for several weeks. Jennifer helped Audrey rehabilitate and has kept her healthy and dancing for several years while her schedule was quite rigorous. She has also helped with her turnout, core strength and port de bras. We travel about 40 minutes one-way to weekly sessions: completely worth it!

Heather King

Audrey King

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