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Bendy Bodies

Exploring the intersection of health and hypermobility


Bendy Bodies is an organization dedicated to serving the needs of hypermobile artists and athletes through education, collaboration and research.

Listen to the regular podcast exploring all aspects of health and hypermobility here, or on your favorite streaming platform.

Follow us on Instagram as well as our YouTube channel for regular Bendy Bits, live discussions, and more.

Co-founders Linda Bluestein, MD and Jennifer Milner are both available for workshops within a studio or company, as well as one-on-one work with individuals striving to have healthy careers while managing hypermobility.

photograph copyright Nicole Rose Photography

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Jennifer Milner has presented on hypermobility at international dance medicine conferences, and is regularly brought in for workshops and private studio or company classes on training the hypermobile dancer. Her expertise makes her much sought-after for interviews and continuing education. She is also excellent at training hypermobile dancers one-on-one.

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