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Introducing: Ask the Experts!

You may have noticed I’ve had quite a few guest posts recently - with several more waiting in the wings! I count myself very lucky: I’ve got a ton of really smart friends who are involved in the dance world in some way and are really really good at what they do. So I’ve asked them to pitch in on their areas of expertise, and the response has been overwhelming! Apparently, I’m not the only one with questions for my really smart friends.

So I’m starting a new feature on my website: Ask the Experts! Send me your questions, and believe me, there’s no question to small/obvious/silly to be asked. Unsure how to Jet Glue your shoes? Wish you knew what the people running your audition would like you to know? Want to figure out the secret to applying the perfect Ballerina Eye? Overwhelmed by all the pointe shoe options out there? I guarantee you, if you can ask it, I can find a friend who has got some sagacious advice for you.

And feel free to ask some of the hard questions, too. Thinking you might be out of control with your eating habits, but not sure who to tell? I’ve got sports psychologists who may help get you started on a healthier path. Maybe you’re diabetic and can’t figure out how to fuel yourself properly: my friend the sports nutritionist probably has some thoughts on that! Or perhaps you’re wondering if you should stay at the studio you’re at, or apply to live away somewhere bigger full-time next year; I have several dancers who have lived through that and would be happy to share their experiences with you.

Everything can stay personal and confidential, with the caveat that if I think you’re potentially harmful to yourself or others - then I need to help you find help. And keep in mind that medical professionals can’t offer diagnoses over the internet, so while I’m happy to pass on questions about your sore Achilles tendon, you’re not going to get a cut-and-dried diagnosis from the orthopedist; rather, she might help you figure out warning signs and how to find a provider near you. But please, ask me! Don't wonder whether your question is appropriate or silly - chances are there are 10 other dancers out there with the exact same question. And I've even toyed with doing some Facebook Live events, so let me know what you'd like to see - a five-minute talk on working on your rotation? The best way to stretch your hamstrings? Throw it at me!

Gather up your questions and send them my way! Post a question in the comments below, email me, or PM me on my Facebook page. I look forward to hearing from you - and who knows, your question might be featured in one of my future blogs! Let's get this conversation going!

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