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Pilates for the
Hypermobile Population

a one-day workshop
with Jennifer Milner, NPCP
and Dr. Linda Bluestein



Bendy Bodies Podcast with the Hypermobility MD

Specific episodes mentioned:

Links to the two-part paper Dr. Bluestein

referenced in her discussion. It's no longer

available open-sourced but she is graciously

providing copies here for us to see! Please

do not share widely with others.

Hypermobility Screening Tool mentioned by Dr. Bluestein, and also discussed in a referenced podcast

2017 hEDS diagnostic criteria in the process of being updated, but what is currently available.

Parasetter (I do not have an affiliate link with them

and make no money on this product!)






Dr. Bluestein's references:

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Pilates in the medical literature 

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Upcoming events:



I'm offering an online version of my   

popular one-day workshop on training   

hypermobile dancers! Workshop will be   

in early fall. Be sure you're subscribed   

to my mailing list so you can keep up   

with the details!   







     Dr. Bluestein and I will be in Arizona for three

     days with The Dance Mix. We'll be teaching

     classes, offering workshops for teachers

     AND parents, and making ourselves

     available to answer questions. Be sure

     to stop by and say "hi" if you're there!





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