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Hypermobility, Flexibility, and Strength
a one-day workshop
with Jennifer Milner

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Bendy Bodies Podcast with the Hypermobility MD

Specific episodes:

Managing Joint Hypermobility Syndrome - a guide for teachers

Hypermobility Screening Tool

Suzanne Koucheravy (Pilates and scoliosis expert)

BlazePods (full disclosure - this link will get you 20% off but I am an affiliate)

2017 hEDS diagnostic criteria

EDS Society


The Library Aesthetic online library

Upcoming events

Refining Relevé and Plié two-day workshop

with Andrea Zujko, DPT and Jennifer Milner, NCPT

online only

CEUs available (ask for more information)

April 27-28, 1-5 p.m. EST

$445 (early bird discount available!)

Stay in Touch!

@jennifer.milner on Instagram


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