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Hypermobility, Flexibility, and Strength  Virtual Workshop
Hypermobility, Flexibility, and Strength  Virtual Workshop

Sun, Sep 15


Virtual workshop

Hypermobility, Flexibility, and Strength Virtual Workshop

A one-day online workshop equipping dance movement specialists to work effectively with hypermobile dancers

Time & Location

Sep 15, 2024, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM CDT

Virtual workshop

About the event

Working with hypermobile dancers can be daunting. Movement specialists may have questions about ways to properly strengthen a hypermobile joint, or concerns over subluxations and dislocations. Hypermobility disorders can also often be accompanied by co-morbidities which may require more understanding and modifications for clients.

At the same time, the hypermobile dancer needs safe, effective strengthening for optimum health and career longevity. Studies show that hypermobility is much more common in dancers than in the general population, with estimates ranging from 60-90% of dancers being hypermobile. The long, lovely lines that may accompany hypermobility can also come with increased susceptibility to tendon and ligament injuries, tissue fragility, and unstable joints. 

Hypermobile dancers can flourish in the dance world, with tailored training from professionals who understand hypermobility. Hypermobile dancers are increasingly seeking out physical therapists, strength coaches, Pilates trainers, dance coaches, and more, who have a thorough understanding of how to work with their unique needs and issues. With strategic, science-informed training, hypermobile dancers can thrive and be an invaluable part of the dance world, with long, healthy careers.

In this one-day virtual workshop, we will dive deep into hypermobility, exploring topics such as:

  • Hypermobility 101: What are the different types of hypermobility? How does it affect the body? How might it present?
  • Flexibility: Is flexibility different from hypermobility? How do we safely train a hypermobile dancer's end range? Can strength training increase flexibility?
  • Training needs: What are common areas of weakness or compensatory strategies in the hypermobile dancer? What areas might need extra focus?
  • Contraindications: Are there exercises or positions to avoid? When should common exercises be modified for hypermobility?
  • Exercises: What type of exercises are particularly useful for the hypermobile dancer? How can you strengthen bendy spines and hyperextended knees?
  • Support: When and how do you refer people out to a specialist?

Joining us will be the world-renowned "Hypermobility MD" and founder of the "Bendy Bodies with the Hypermobility MD Podcast", Dr. Linda Bluestein. Dr. Bluestein will share her expertise with us, defining hypermobility, hypermobility disorders, and more. She'll break down common co-morbidities seen in the hypermobile population and equip dance movement specialists to have a thorough understanding of hypermobility and its effect on joints, connective tissue, and movement in the body.

This workshop is for dance teachers, dancers, strength trainers, Pilates trainers, physical therapists, and any support staff for dancers. Led by Bodies In:Motion owner Jennifer Milner, NCPT, this workshop will explore hypermobility in elite artistic athletes such as dancers. Upon completion of this workshop, particiants will be able to:

  • Understand hypermobility and how to work with it
  • Increase and strengthen end-range flexibility safely
  • Develop strategies for safely nurturing stability and strength
  • Increase your clients' confidence as you show them the individualized support they need
  • Grow your clientele as you work confidently with hypermobile dancers of all training level

Not able to attend on September 15? Your ticket purchase will entitle you to a digital copy of the live workshop, available for two weeks after September 15, 2024, for you to watch at your convenience.

A certificate of completion is offered at the end of this course. 

Space is limited so reserve yours today!


  • Early bird

    Sale ends: Aug 14, 11:50 PM CDT

    Sign up early to snag the best price!

  • Regular registration

    Goes on sale: Aug 15, 12:00 AM CDT



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